What Are The Health Benefits Of Salmon?

Southern Ocean Salmon is an excellent source of healthy omega-3s, which help to maintain a healthy heart. Southern Ocean Salmon is a good source of proteins, vitamins and minerals, making it an excellent healthy meal option. Read more about the health benefits of salmon.

Are The Flavours And Colours Natural?

The feed is scientifically formulated by nutritionists to keep our salmon healthy.  It is made up of vitamins, minerals, proteins and carotene from astaxanthin. Astaxanthin is a nature - identical essential nutrient that happens to make the flesh pink/orange. It is a synthetic replica of the colorant from krill and includes an antioxidant that enhances the salmon health and performance.

Is The Environment Clean?

Throughout their life, our salmon experience arguably the cleanest rearing environment found anywhere in the world. As smolt, they are nurtured in the safe sanctuaries of our pure mountain fed streams before being transferred to seafarms located in the remote, pristine unpolluted seawaters of the Marlborough Sounds.

Best Value

The strategic philosophy of our organisation is to build the value of salmon for all participants within the industry. We intend to add value through branding, consistent supply, further processing and service.

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